(A) Payment to be made at the beginning (Excluding Quarterly Charges):-


Registraion Fees
(New Comers)
Admission Fees
(New Comers)
Annual Charges
Security Money
Pocket Money
(for Hostellers)
New Old
Pre Primary Nursery & K.G. 200.00 5000.00 4750.00 3000.00 1000.00 13950.00 4750.00
Primary Class I to V 200.00 6000.00 5250.00 3000.00 1000.00 15450.00 5250.00
Middle Class VI to VIII 300.00 7000.00 6500.00 3000.00 1000.00 17800.00 6500.00
Secondary Class IX & X 300.00 9000.00 8000.00 3000.00 1000.00 21300.00 8000.00
Senior Secondary Class XI 500.00 12000.00 9000.00 3000.00 1000.00 25500.00 21500.00
Class XII 500.00 12000.00 9000.00 3000.00 1000.00 25500.00 9000.00


(B) Additional Charges (to be deposited at the time of admission):-

  1. Track Suit– Rs.500/- (for Pre Primary & Primary Classes); Rs.750/- for rest of the Classes.
  2. School Blazer:- Rs.700/- (for Class Nur. to V); Rs.800/- (for Class VI to VIII), Rs.900/- (for Class IX  to XII)
  3. 2Pcs. House T-Shirts:- Rs.500/- for Primary and Pre Primary ; Rs.600/-for rest of the classes.
  4. Total:- Rs.1,700/- (for Nursery to KG); Rs.1700/- (for I to V); Rs.2,150/- (for VI to VIII) & Rs.2,250/- (for IX to XII).

(C) Quarterly Charges


Tution Fee (Rs.) Computer Fee (Rs.) Hostel (Rs.) Exam Fee (Rs.) Total
Pre Primary Nursery & KG 2700.00 13800.00 700.00 17200.00
Primary Class I to V 3600.00 300.00 13800.00 700.00 18400.00
Middle Class VI to VIII 5100.00 300.00 13800.00 700.00 19900.00
Secondary Class IX 6300.00 300.00 13800.00 700.00 21100.00
Class X 6300.00  300.00 13800.00 700.00 21100.00
Senior Secondary Science Stream XI 7500.00 13800.00 700.00 22000.00
Science Stream XII 7500.00 13800.00 700.00 22000.00
Com. Stream XI & XII 7200.00 13800.00 700.00 21700.00


  1. Bus Transportation charges shall be taken quarterly for 11 months (excluding June i.e. Summer vacation)
    at the monthly rate according to route wise chart.
  2. The hostel charges of girls belonging to Mewat are subsidized by 50% but they will have to pay 900/-
    per quarter against laundry charges.
  3. The tuition fee of all girls are subsidized by 50%.
  4. Class XII & X students shall have to pay transport charge for Board Examination Center @ Rs. 800/- in fourth Quarter. However the amount can be refunded to those students who do not want to avail the school transport facility.
  5. Rs. 1500/- shall be charged from every student of class XII for extra classes during winter Vacation. (As per requirement)
  6. Tuition fee  and  Hostel  Charges  shall  be  charged  for  12 months. However the food charges Rs.1650/- will  not  be  charged  (excluding Mewat  Girl)  for the  month of June  (Summer Vacation).
  7. In case a student joins or leaves the hostel during any quarter of the academic session than he will have to pay full hostel charges of that quarter.
  8. All admission in class  XIth shall be treated as a new and fresh admission.
  9. CBSE  Registration charges for class IXth and class XII shall be charged Rs. 500.00 per student along  with the fee of third quarter.
  10. CBSE Board Exam Fee for class Xth and class XIIth shall be charged Rs. 1000.00 per student along with the fee of third quarter.
  11. Rs.250/-shall be charged in case cheque is dishonour.
  12. 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  4th quarter of the academic session will be from 1st April to 30th June , 1st July to 30th September, 1st October to 31st December and 1st January  to  31st  March respectively.
  13. One month notice is required for Withdrawal. Full quarter  fee shall be charged if the withdrawal  is desired during the quarter.
  14. If any damage of school property occurs due to any ill activity of student, full cost of the damaged property along with fine shall be charged from the defaulter.
  15. Pocket Money shall cover advance towards expenses incurred on purchase of books, stationery, toiletries, outings, special medical help etc. and shall be intimated separately on quarterly basis and that shall also be recouped along with the quarterly payment.
  16. Education Tour and its charges shall be notified later in advance and that shall also be paid along with the quarterly payment. Education Tour is compulsory for all.
  17. For final refund of security money, the parents will have to present the original receipt.
  18. 5% discount (on last 3 quarter fee) shall be given on full year payment by school on presenting of fee deposit slips.
  19. Students of APS who secure CGPA-10  in class Xth shall be exempted from the payment of addmission fee in class XIth. Student of APS  who secure CGPA IX and X in class Xth be exempted by 75% of admission charges in class XIth. Those students of APS who secure CGPA between 8.5 and IX in class  Xth shall be exempted  by 50% of admission charges of class XIth.
  20. Students shall only be allowed to enter into the school premises when duly paid fee  receipt is shown at the entrance gate of the school.
  21. Late fee shall be charged at the  rate of Rs. 50/- per day in case fee is  paid  after the expiry of last date.
  22. In case student come late then fine  at the rate of Rs.20/- per day shall be charged upto 7 days and beyond  this date  the name  of defaulting students shall be struck off from the school  records and readmission will be required for continuity after payment of 50% admission charges as readmission fee.
  23. Absentees of XIIth class shall be punished by Rs.100/- per day fine of Rs.20/- per day for all classes other than XIIth.
  24. Fee once paid shall not be refunded or readjusted.
  25. All girls excluding Nursery, KG, XI & XII Com. and Sci. Rs. 300/- per quarter will be charge as ICRP fee.